The end of an era.

The Segrest Law Firm is closed its practice on December 31, 2022. Dale Segrest founded the firm in January 2001, after leaving office as circuit Judge.

Mike Segrest took office as District Attorney for the Fifth Judicial Circuit of Alabama, on January 17, 2023. That is the same circuit in which Dale served as judge. It includes Chambers, Macon, Randolph and Tallapoosa Counties .

Dale Segrest completed his retirement  from the practice of law and the office closed December 31, 2022. He continues to pursue his passion for writing and realing philosophy, and can be followed on his Facebook site: Faith and Consciousness, With Dale Segrest (

We have enjoyed working with our clients and other attorneys over the past 20+ years and wish each and every one of you well in the future.

Mike Segrest’s cell number is 334-799-5112.
Dale Segrest’s cell number is 334-329-9315.

Dale may also be reached at .


Mike, mom and Dale Segrest