Employment law and Civil Rights

Currently Segrest Law is handling a wide variety of cases for his clients including personal injury automobile accident, wage and hour collective action, Class Action for violation of the Worker’s Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act(WARN Act), Class Action for COBRA violations, family law and divorce, defense of trademark infringement, race discrimination , sexual harassment, the Pregnancy discrimination act, retaliatory discharge, worker’s compensation, and consumer utility class action.

Business Law

As a business law attorney serving Tallassee, Wetumpka, and Auburn, Mike Segrest has a long-standing interest in the relationship between business/economics and law.  He sees both as social institutions built on the same foundation of family and morality.  We provide legal advice and guidance on business issues to individuals, small family businesses and larger companies.

Family Law

Resolving family legal problems in Tallassee, Wetumpka, and Auburn, family law is one of the main areas of focus at our firm.  We advise and represent you in all family-related legal matters.  We also practice mediation as an alternative to resolve family disputes.

Family law includes all the legal aspects of family relations:
Child custody
Child support
Elder care

Areas of practice

Alabama attorney Mike Segrest has successfully represented clients in a wide range of areas including:
Choosing a business organization
Elder care
Estate planning
Personal injury
Real estate
Trusts and wills
Will contests
Civil Litigation

As a general practice lawyer and divorce attorney serving Tallassee, Tuskegee, Dadeville, Alex City, Wetumpka, Auburn and the surrounding areas, Mike Segrest firmly believes that a fundamental role of his practice is to diagnose the nature of your legal problem correctly.  Often, your problem may not fit neatly into one of the specific practice areas named above.  Even so, Mike Segrest can see through the legal maze to determine whether the Segrest Law Firm or another attorney or professional can assist you most effectively.


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