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Resolving family legal problems in Tallassee, Wetumpka, and Auburn
Family law is one of the main areas of focus at our firm.  Our divorce lawyer advises and represents you in all family-related legal matters.  We also practice mediation as an alternative to resolve family disputes.
Family law in Tallassee, Auburn, and throughout Alabama includes all the legal aspects of family relations:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody 
  • Child support
  • Elder care 
  • Adoption

AnnJudge Segrest is also interested in the family from a legal scholarship perspective.  He recently wrote a book entitled Faith, Religion and Reality.  In it, he posits that religion, morality, law, economics, and technology are all social systems deeply related to our cultural system of families. You can be assured that the Segrest Law Firm appreciates the fundamental importance of your family.

Divorce and child custody lawyer
Unfortunately, families are all too frequently fractured by divorce and need a lawyer to help sort things out.  We understand that the issues that come up in a divorce are often traumatic for everyone involved.  It is especially difficult when child custody and child support are at issue.  We help you resolve these problems in the best interests of you and your children.  Since there are many misconceptions about divorce, our divorce lawyer in the Auburn and Wetumpka area uncovers the common divorce myths. We have been very successful resolving family law cases using several approaches:

  • Litigation
  • Settlement
  • Mediation
  • Counseling

In Auburn and throughout the state, divorce laws are complex.  As an equitable distribution state, the court distributes property equitably—but not always equally.  And, although Alabama courts strive to achieve frequent contact between both parents and children, the courts can award any form of custody in their decisions.  Whenever possible, we take a creative approach to ensure these and other issues of divorce remain in the hands of the spouses—not the courts.

Legal separation
A legal separation resembles divorce in many ways—terms regarding the children, finances, spousal support, and living situations are determined legally.  But, during the separation period, couples remain married and continue to receive marital benefits. 
Many couples in Auburn try legal separation before pursuing a divorce. Two major reasons for a legal separation are the following:

  • It allows couples a chance to try living apart when they need space to attempt to work out their issues.
  • If couples decide to divorce, they have had the opportunity to try out the terms.  Negotiations for the final terms are typically easier, requiring only certain adjustments for those terms they have found to be unacceptable during the separation period.

Divorce lawyer Segrest helps clients in both Auburn and state-wide pursue legal separation by providing the same sensitivity, creativity, and attention to detail that we provide for divorce.  We recognize that this can be an important step—whether it results in reconciliation or an eventual divorce.

Adding a child to the family is a happy event and important to the whole family.   Sometimes getting it done can be a time-consuming process involving a lot of anxiety.  We at Segrest Law Firm derive professional and personal satisfaction from helping families wend their way through the complicated legal maze of adoption paperwork and procedures in the Auburn area.

Elder care
With people living longer lives today, families more frequently have to confront issues of physical and mental health among their older members.  Living wills and trusts, powers of attorney, health care coverage, wills and estate planning, and insurance are all important issues we handle in our practice of elder care law.  Our divorce lawyer explains how real estate is handled in a divorce case.

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