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Judicial education in pluralism

Drawing on these philosophical principles, Judge Segrest created a continuing judicial education program for Alabama judges entitled Foundations in Pluralism. Based on the premise that the foundational beliefs of a culture can be found in its literature, Judge Segrest devised a study of significant literature composed by black authors.  By studying the works of Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Dubois, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and others, judges can gain a different judicial perspective with regard to justice issues.

  • "Foundations in Pluralism: A Learning Experience for Judges," in September 1996 The Alabama Lawyer. To view a copy of this article, click here.
  • "Foundations in Pluralism: An Opportunity for Dialogue," contained in the Fall/Winter 1997 Court Review. To view a copy of this article click here.
  • "Race and the Law" contained in the February 1999 ABA Journal. To view a copy of this article click here.

EducationMoreover, Judge Segrest has contributed his thoughts on judicial wisdom as a speaker at the National Symposium on the Future of Judicial Branch Education in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1999. The results of that symposium were published by the Judicial Education Reference, Information, Technical Transfer (JERITT) project based at Michigan State University.  You can read his thoughts here, in "Recognizing and Maintaining the Wisdom of the Courts."
He was also invited to make a presentation at a gathering in Tucson, Arizona in the 1990s based on a joint project of the National Judicial College and the National Conference of State Trial Court Judges. At that time, Judge Segrest was serving as co-chair of the Education Committee of the National Conference of State Trial Court Judges. His thoughts came together in 1999 in "A Proposal for Study and Analysis of Judicial Education". To  view a copy of this article click here.

Thesis on punitive damages in Alabama

For his master's degree at the University of Nevada at Reno, Judge Segrest delved into the relationship of law and economics in his thesis entitled Punitive Damages in Alabama:Allocation or Caps? The thesis used a then-recent opinion from the Supreme Court of Alabama dealing with punitive damages as a point of departure. It explains how the legal system brings about desired conduct by using economic incentives (or disincentives). 
To view a copy of Judge Segrest's thesis from the University of Nevada, Reno library, click here.



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